Saving Deposit

CFCICI offers for our registered members a Zero Balance Savings Account. A savings account is a deposit account held at a bank or other financial institution that provides principal security and a modest interest rate. The Savings Accounts are generally for money that you don't intend to use for daily expenses.

At CFCICI, When a member will complete his/her registration, then he/she will get a zero balance non operative Savings Account. They can l transact any kind of deposit or withdrawal through this savings account. Apart from RD,FD,MIS every registered member will get interest on deposited amount in Savings account

Day end balance Interest rate*
Up to and including Rs. 1 lakh 4.50%
Above Rs. 1 lakh upto and including Rs.10 lakhs ( for incremental above Rs. 1 Lakh) 5.50%
Above Rs. 10 lakhs ( for incremental above Rs. 10 Lakh) 7.00%

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CFCICI is a Multi-State Co-operative Society, Registered under Multi-State Cooperative Societies Act, 2002, Ministry of Cooperation, Government of India (Reg. No: MSCS/CR/338/2010) with branches in the State of Kerala and Karnataka.