Why CFCICI Recurring Deposit

Secure your financial future with CFCICI's Recurring Deposit scheme, designed to cultivate disciplined savings habits through regular monthly investments. With fixed monthly installments and a predetermined rate of interest, our Recurring Deposit scheme allows members to accumulate a tidy lump-sum amount at the end of their chosen tenure. Whether you're saving for future goals or planning for upcoming expenses, our Recurring Deposit scheme offers a convenient and rewarding avenue to achieve your financial objectives.

CFCICI's Recurring Deposit instills saving discipline. Deposit monthly and reap returns with a guaranteed interest rate.

  • Cultivate savings with fixed monthly deposits
  • Earn at predetermined interest rates
  • Plan for future goals effectively

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CFCICI is a Multi-State Co-operative Society, Registered under Multi-State Cooperative Societies Act, 2002, Ministry of Cooperation, Government of India (Reg. No: MSCS/CR/338/2010) with branches in the State of Kerala and Karnataka.request call back

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