Why CFCICI Fixed Deposit

CFCICI's Fixed Deposit schemes offer unmatched rates of interest for term deposits ranging from 15 days to 120 months. With a Fixed Deposit account, you can securely invest your funds for a predetermined period, earning attractive returns on your investment. Our schemes provide flexibility in interest payout frequencies, allowing you to choose between annual or periodic interest payments. Invest with confidence and watch your savings grow steadily with CFCICI's Fixed Deposit offerings.

Grow your savings risk-free with CFCICI's Fixed Deposit. Enjoy top interest rates and flexible payouts over various terms.

  • High-interest rates for terms 15 days to 120 months
  • Flexible interest payouts: annual or periodic
  • Secure investment, steady growth

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CFCICI is a Multi-State Co-operative Society, Registered under Multi-State Cooperative Societies Act, 2002, Ministry of Cooperation, Government of India (Reg. No: MSCS/CR/338/2010) with branches in the State of Kerala and Karnataka.request call back

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