Recurring Deposit

Recurring deposit help to build your future through regular monthly investments. The amount paid monthly will be fixed. The rate of interest applicable on the day of opening will remain fixed though out the tenure of the deposit. 


CFCICI Recurring Deposit Scheme enables the member to save his/her money in fixed monthly installments. One can choose different maturity plans depending on the installment.These monthly deposits enables the member to get a tidy lump-sum amount of principal plus interest at the end of the chosen period. This scheme is ideally suited for young salaried people to cultivate regular and compulsory saving habits.

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CFCICI is a Multi-State Co-operative Society, Registered under Multi-State Cooperative Societies Act, 2002, Ministry of Cooperation, Government of India (Reg. No: MSCS/CR/338/2010) with branches in the State of Kerala and Karnataka.